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Here's a condensed form of one of our confessions, The Belgic Confession:

Who is God?  Belgic Confession, Articles 1-13

God is the SOVEREIGN creator of the universe. He is ETERNAL, INCOMPREHENSIBLE, UNCHANGEABLE, COMPLETELY WISE & JUST.  He exists in the form of a TRINITY which includes the FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT - Three in one. God REVEALS Himself to us through His creation and even more so through the SCRIPTURES which were written by men INSPIRED by God. These scriptures include a CANON of sixty-six books which are INFALLIBLE in communicating His message. His scripture is SUFFICIENT for everything we need to know in order to be saved. Through His divine PROVIDENCE, God continues to CARE for His creation according to His HOLY WILL.

Who am I?  - Old Self - Articles 14-15

I am created in God’s IMAGE.  Because Adam disobeyed God's COMMANDMENT OF LIFE, all of creation has been infected by ORIGINAL SIN.  I am now SEPARATED from God and I've willingly become a SLAVE TO SIN - unable to do any good on my own apart from God. Nevertheless, sin is not IMPUTED to me for my condemnation, but it is FORGIVEN by God's GRACE & MERCY.  

How am I saved?  Articles 16-23, 25-26

God has ELECTED and CHOSEN to include me in His plan of SALVATION.  He sent His DIVINE son to become INCARNATE – truly God and truly man - in order to ATONE for my sins and fulfill the promises of IMMANUEL in the Old Testament.  Through JESUS CHRIST'S perfect SACRIFICE I have been JUSTIFIED in God’s eyes. It is only because I have the RIGHTEOUSNESS of one who is sinless that I can enjoy the COMMUNION with God that He created me for.  All I need to do to be saved is have FAITH in Him, and this is kindled in my heart by the HOLY SPIRIT.  I can go with confidence to the throne of GRACE through Christ who is my INTERCESSOR.

Who am I - New Self  OR How should I now live? - Articles 24, 27-37

I am now REGENERATED by the Holy Spirit working through God's Word.  I've been called to a NEW LIFE, freed from the slavery of sin.  It is impossible for my FAITH to be unfruitful, rather it produces WORKS which are good and acceptable to God, having been SANCTIFIED by His grace.  It is my duty to SUBMIT to the instruction and DISCIPLINE of Christ's TRUE CHURCH, which also PREACHES the Gospel and administers the SACRAMENTS.  I am recognized as a CHRISTIAN when I pursue RIGHTEOUSNESSLOVE God & my neighbor, and CRUCIFY the works of my flesh.  I strive to live a peaceful and quiet life in all PIETY and decency as I look forward to the great day when Christ will RETURN from heaven to JUDGE the living and the dead.

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