1 Corinthians 10 Reading Guide

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Chapter Summary

Remember, we're reading a letter Paul wrote to a group of people very similar to us in so many ways, but yet struggled with an issue that seems so foreign to us: whether or not to eat meat that had been processed in pagan temples. We can, however, identify with a society that was divided over hot button issues...

  • v1-13 - The first generation of Israelites who were freed from slavery in Egypt by "passing through the sea (v1)," which is a type of baptism.

  • They were unified by the fact that they "drank from the rock that was Christ (v3)."

  • Once more we have an example that God's Old Testament people were saved by Christ just as we are even though they lived thousands of years before Christ came!

  • But even though these were God's covenant people, God was not pleased with them because they succumbed to temptation, so much so that He scattered their bodies in the wilderness (v5).

  • The stories we read in the Old Testament, both good and bad things, "were written down as warnings for us (v11)."

  • So no matter how firm you think your footing is, be careful that you don't fall!

  • Everybody will face temptation.

  • God will not let you be tempted more than you can handle.

  • When you're tempted, be looking for the "way out" that God has already provided.

  • v14-30 - Our unity as God's people is on display the most when we gather around the Lord's Table.

  • When we consume the bread and wine during communion, we are quite literally being joined to the body of Christ.