Ephesians 2 Reading Guide

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-3 - There are only two spiritual conditions, and before learning what it means to be alive in Christ, you must understand the default condition: being dead in sin.

  • People who are spiritually dead are slaves to "the ruler of the kingdom of the air (v2)."

  • All people who are not in Christ are in this condition,

  • enslaved to satisfying their own unquenchable appetite.

  • This sinfulness makes people deserving of God's wrath, not His love.

  • v4-7 - Always be on the lookout for big BUT's in the Bible, and this is one of them. BUT:

  • although we deserved God's wrath,

  • because of God's love, He has:

  • made you alive in Christ by grace,

  • and raised you up with Christ, in order that:

  • in the age to come

  • He can give you even greater kindness.

  • v8-10 - This passage is the central message of the Bible - understand it well!

  • you have been saved

  • by grace

  • through

  • faith (which has been given as a gift from God)

  • not the good things you've done (nobody can brag about how they've saved themselves).

  • God did this because you're the best thing He's made.