Hebrews 13 Reading Guide

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Chapter Summary

  • MASSIVE TO-DO LIST: This concluding chapter is packed with exhortations (commands you must follow). This chapter summarizes well what it means to live as a Christian:

  • v1 - Love those who've been brought into the kingdom with you;

  • v2 - Show hospitality to all people;

  • v3 - Remember those who've been imprisoned and treated poorly (mistreated in general, but especially those who are being mistreated on account of the gospel);

  • v4 - Keep yourself sexually pure;

  • v5 - Love God, not money;

  • v7 - Continue to live as you've been taught;

  • v9 - Don't be carried away by strange teachings;

  • v13 - Separate yourself from the world no matter how much disgrace it brings;

  • v15-16 - Continually offer praise to God by:

  • openly professing His name

  • doing good and sharing with others (notice how these concepts are combined. So often we want to just focus in on one or the other)

  • v17 - Confidently submit to your leaders;

  • v18 - Pray.