Mark 6 Reading Guide

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-6 - Right when Jesus' popularity begins to skyrocket, He checks back in at home.

  • The initial amazement the people have for Him quickly turns to anger when Jesus doesn't perform the miracles that they've heard He's performed elsewhere.

  • Yet Mark reports that Jesus "could not do any miracles there (v5)."

  • Amazingly, the one thing that limited His power was a lack of faith on the part of the people!

  • If you want to see God's power in your life, the best way to do so is to constantly discipline yourself to strengthen your faith.

  • v6b-33 - Jesus sent His twelve disciples out to "preach that people should repent (v12)."

  • The disciples go out preaching, healing and casting out demons.

  • Their efforts are so successful that even King Herod hears about it.

  • Everyone seems to be talking about Jesus, but nobody knows who He is.

  • They thought He was a prophet, perhaps even Elijah. Herod was one of the people who thought that Jesus was the ghost of John the Baptist.

  • In v17-29, Mark steps away from the main story to tell about the fate of John the Baptist.

  • Herod had put himself in a bad position that allowed him to be manipulated by his evil wife, and it cost John his head.

  • In v30 the disciples return from a successful trip.