Matthew 20 Reading Guide

Dig In:


  • v1-16 - Jesus' parable illustrates that God's grace is not apportioned according to how much a person 'deserves' it.

  • v17-19 - For the third time now, Jesus tells His disciples exactly what will happen as they go into Jerusalem. This time Matthew doesn't record any reactions to what Jesus said, but on the earlier occasions, the disciples' grief over Jesus impending death completely overshadows the predictions of resurrection Jesus makes. Human nature loves to cling to bad news and ignore good news!

  • v20-28 - The mother of two of the three disciples who were invited up the mountain for Jesus' transfiguration tries to secure the best spots in heaven for her boys. After explaining that this cup was more than they could drink, Jesus explains that those who strive to be first will actually be last.

  • v29-34 - Jesus performs the final healing miracle of His ministry by restoring the sight of two blind men.

Dig Deeper:

There are two bold requests made in this chapter: one from James & John's mother (giving us a hint, perhaps, as to why Mark notes that Jesus calls these two the 'Sons of Thunder'), and one from the two blind men.

First, notice that both seem to do a good job in acknowledging who Jesus is:

​James & John's mother

Two blind men