Revelation 11 Reading Guide

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Chapter Overview:

We have been seeing that the book of Revelation contains seven different perspectives on Christ's return. These perspectives run parallel in time to each other. So far we've seen:

  1. Chap 1-3: Christ's message to His church: Begins with Christ appearing with seven lampstands, and ends with Christ sitting down victorious on His Father's throne (3:21)

  2. Chap 4-7: The seven seals: Begins with the four horsemen being sent out (perhaps at the fall of Adam?) and ends with the Lamb at the center of the throne and God wiping away every tear (7:16-17).

  3. Chap 8-11: Begins with the seven angels being sent out with trumpets to warn mankind of God's judgment, and ends with God's temple in heaven being opened and the Ark of the Covenant being revealed (11:19).

  • v1-14 -

  • John is ordered to measure the "temple," which by the time John received and wrote down this Revelation had been destroyed by the Romans (A.D. 70). The temple in this vision represents the Church, both those truly committed to Christ (worshippers), and the nominal Christians on the outside.

  • The Church is also represented in this chapter by the "two witnesses (v3)."

  • The Church has been given great power, but it also will suffer greatly at the hands of the world.

  • It seems that the world will successfully rid itself of the Church, just as it seemed so when Christ was killed.

  • But just as Christ rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, so will the Church.