2021-22 High School Youth Group

Updated: Sep 9, 2021


Why is it so important for your children to attend High School Youth Group? An answer to this question comes from, of all places, the New York Post! Read this recently released article:

Gen Z is made of zombies — less educated, more depressed, without values

The goal of the High School Youth Group at Worthington CRC is to make sure our kids know that they are not zombies! Christians are people who were zombies but who have been regenerated into new life in Jesus Christ.


The first segment of each evening is pretty informal. As kids come in we usually give them awhile to just unwind and visit.

Each family takes turns providing snacks (keep it simple!). When we have a final count of who will be part of the group this year I'll make a rotating schedule which I will send out. Our system will send out a text to both the student and parent whose turn it is to bring snacks on Monday evening at 8 PM. The reminder will give a link to the schedule, so if that week doesn't work, you can find a family to switch with.

This year we will be working our way through a book called the Manual of Christian Doctrine. This is a high school textbook that was published in the 1930's and was used extensively in Christian high schools for decades. I've taught this book before and I've found that even though it's almost 100 years old, its content is extremely relevant to the issues our kids are facing today. Understanding these topics will help our kids avoid the pitfalls noted in the New York Post article by giving them a solid foundation of Biblical doctrine on which to build their lives. We generally spend 45-60 minutes on our lessons.

The remainder of our time is spent having fun playing various group games.


We will have Youth Group every Wednesday night from 7:30 - 9:30. We start a little bit later in the evening in order to give kids just a bit more time to spend at home before they once again have to head out the door. Our first meeting will be on September 15.


Unless otherwise announced, Youth Group will be held in the Fireside Room at WCRC.


Last year our Youth Group included kids from four different churches and four different high schools. I've added the contacts for the two new high schoolers here at Worthington CRC to the list. If you are from one of the other churches and know of new freshmen that you'd like to see invited, please text (509.839.2423) or email me (


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