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Genesis 1 - In the beginning...

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

You are created in the image of the one who created all things, and He's given you dominion over all that He made.

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Genesis 1 Summary

  • v1-2 - The opening verses introduce us to our Triune (three in one) creator God:

    • God the Father who speaks creation into existence;

    • God the Word (As Jesus is described in the New Testament creation account in John 1:1-5), who puts what the Father speaks into reality;

    • God the Spirit, whom is present from the very beginning.

  • v3-31 - The creation of all things is described over a span of six days.

Dig Deeper

Genesis is not meant to be a science book which explains every mysterious element of how things came to be. At a minimum, faithful creation theories will conform to these non-negotiable truths:

  • God created all things out of nothing.

  • God spoke all things into existence.

  • God created all things in six orderly days.

    • Don't get hung up on the length of these days. We measure time in fractions of the earth's rotation and orbit around the sun (minutes, hours, days, years, etc), yet the solar system wasn't created until the fourth day, so for the first half of the creation week, time is unmeasurable.

    • Besides, God created all things with the appearance of age. He created birds, not eggs. He created man & woman, not embryos that would grow into adults. Therefore, geological features like mountains and canyons looked like they'd been forming for millions of years the moment God created them.

  • God created mankind as His crowning achievement.

    • Mankind didn't evolve from lesser life forms, rather we're uniquely created in the image of God.

    • Man and Woman have distinct identities, qualities and roles, yet both are equal in status as image bearers of God.

    • Mankind is given dominion over all of the other living things God created.

AAA Prayer:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: Father God, you powerfully created all things...

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Help me to exercise the dominion you've given me in a way that glorifies you...




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