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John 17 - The Long Prayer

As you begin to pray about the new year, it's good to know what Jesus prayed for you.

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John 17 Summary

Remember that John's gospel is different than the other three gospels. We call Matthew, Mark, and Luke the synoptic gospels because they provide a synopsis - a snapshot - of some of the major events in Jesus' life. The other gospels tells us that Jesus spent the night before His trial praying while the disciples kept falling asleep, but don't mention what Jesus prayed about. John sets the surrounding details aside, and focuses on deeper insights, like exactly what Jesus prayed.

Jesus' prayer doesn't follow a rigid, linear pattern, but that's not surprising since it's expressed in the deepest moment of anguish and passion in human history as Jesus stood only hours away from being nailed to the cross. Jesus was crying out to His Father, not writing a term paper.

Yet there are some recurring themes:

  • The unity between God the Father and God the Son, which Jesus longs to share with those He came to save;

  • The reciprocal giving: God gave His chosen people to Christ along with the words of truth (v8). Christ in turn gave those words to us, and also gave us the name which His Father had given Him (v12). In this prayer, Jesus in a sense gives us back to Father having sanctified us (made us holy) and glorified us with the glory the Father had given Him.