January 9 - Mark 9

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Dig Deeper:

  • DETAILS: Mark is all about action, and he doesn't mention many details, so when he does it's worth digging into it. Why do you think that Mark mentions how white the clothes were in v3?

  • AWKWARD: Peter is famous for blurting out whatever comes into his mind without thinking. In the midst of the Transfiguration (v2-8) Peter comes up with the bright idea to build three tents for Moses, Elijah and Jesus to live in on the mountain. In v6, Mark says Peter was so scared he didn't know what to say. What would you say if you were in Peter's position?

  • COOL FACT: Peter was likely the primary source Mark used in writing this gospel. Really the name of this book should be 'The Gospel of Peter Which Mark Wrote Down.' I'll bet Peter made Mark add v6 (inspired by the Holy Spirit, of course).

  • MEMORIZE: v24 is an excellent verse to memorize: "I believe; help me overcome my unbelief." v35 is also a great verse to memorize.