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Let's Learn Bible Stories Together!

Here's a great way to do family devotions!

Build anticipation for Sunday all week long by reading the Bible stories at home your kids will be learning about in Children In Worship.

By learning the Bible story both at home and church will help solidify the children's understanding of God's Word. They'll likely have better questions for their teachers each week too!

Children in Worship begins on September 17, so on the 10th, the children will be called forward during church and will be given The Child's Story Bible to take home.

Every couple of weeks, the kids will be given a new coloring page with the upcoming Bible stories and the corresponding pages in the Story Bible. After the kids color each page, text a picture to Pastor Chad so that we can display them on the screen during the service. This will help build excitement for the kids, and then you can use it as a bookmark as well.

Since it's highly likely that a coloring page won't make it all the way home, we'll also send you a text every Monday afternoon with the week's Bible story and page numbers.

Reading the Bible together is absolutely the best way for families to instill a lifelong love for God's Word in their children. Plus it's good for mom & dad to (re)learn these stories too! Maybe you learned them as a child, or maybe you'll be learning them for the first time too!


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