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Build our church by joining a team!


Why we use teams, not committees at WCRC:


Committees exist because they're the committee and it’s always been that way.  
Their purpose is to talk about getting things done (and protect their turf).

Teams exist to get things done.


Committees have set meetings on a regular basis. Their proceedings are recorded in minutes.

Teams accomplish their purpose, meeting only when/if needed.


Committees have the same set of members for specified terms.  People sit on a committee, whether they have the particular skill set for what needs to be done or not.

Teams are fluid - members come and go based on the tasks at hand.  People serve on teams. Some will be on teams for just 1 or 2 tasks. Members with specific gifts may serve a lifetime accomplishing tasks for a team.


Committee chairs are selected by the committee at a meeting and function in that role until their term is up.

Team leaders are tapped because they know how to get things done. They find the right people to help meet the goal. They function in that role until the goal is met or they hand it off to the next leader.

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