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The sad fact is that many of the churches that exist today in Southwest Minnesota will not exist in ten years.  Our goal, by God's grace, is that WCRC will not just still exist in 10 years, but it will be thriving.

But what does it mean to 'thrive?' While some aspects of that answer are timeless and apply to all churches in every time and place, there are many aspects of thriving that are going to be contextual; that is, thriving will look somewhat different for us in Worthington, MN, then what it does for a church in Asia or even other parts of America.

We're going to spend 2021 answering this question by watching the What is a Healthy Church video series (this is also available in book form).  

Each month we will watch a segment (they average 20 minutes), each of which will have several discussion questions.  The current elders will be spending time at each meeting discussing these questions and determining the best way for WCRC to model each of these attributes.

Since these discussions will impact the future of our church for years to come, you are asked to respond to the questions even if you are not currently serving as an elder.

These videos are only available on RightNow media.  To register for your free account, click below.


Monthly Videos

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