Our mission is to glorify God as a praying church where God’s word is central in worship and in life. In the Spirit’s power, we joyfully strive to:

  • Strengthen one another’s faith;

  • Demonstrate God’s love daily by serving others;

  • Bring the good news of Christ to the unsaved.


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Worthington, MN 56187



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Worthington CRC will be worshipping this Sunday!

Certainly the most important aspect of worship is coming into God's presence, but it's also important for us to fellowship together.  Although you will be able to access the worship service at any point during the week, try hard to join in right at 9:30, the time we normally begin each Sunday worship service.

Doing so will be beneficial to you in two ways.  First, it's important to keep our Sabbath routine the same as much as possible during this time when so much is different.  Secondly, this will give you the chance to interact with other church members just like when we're able to physically be together.

This week we are going to add a Zoom Video Conference based online Fellowship Hall so that we can connect with each other after the morning service.  Save time by adding the Zoom app to your device ahead of time.  Once you've finished the morning service you will find a link to bring you into the Fellowship Room.

Once several people have joined in, we will start to open several breakout rooms consisting of three or four people that you can visit with.  We will switch up the groups every 5-10 minutes so that you get to visit with several other congregation members.

Please use the greeting comment box as well.  These social interactions are very important for us to enjoy as we stay put in our homes.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at 9:30 and 6:00 PM!

Watch the video for a short tutorial on how our online worship will work.