Ephesians 1 Reading Guide

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-2 - The introduction reminds us that once again we're reading a letter written to a specific people in a specific place at a specific time.

  • Yet even though you are not an Ephesian, this letter is written to you as well, since you are one of God's saints (His holy people).

  • Therefore, God's grace and peace are extended to you as well.

  • v3-6 - These verses comprise the core of your identity:

  • You were chosen to be included in Christ before the creation of the world!

  • God predestined you to be adopted into His family.

  • v7-12 - In Christ you've been given some massive benefits:

  • you've been redeemed;

  • you're sins are forgiven;

  • God's will has been made known to you:

  • Certainly you don't know all of the details of God's will,

  • but you do know that His purpose is to bring all things into unity in Christ.

  • God is working out all things (even - especially - the things in life you don't understand) to conform to His plan.

  • v13-14 - Paul is writing this reminder to you so that you know that you're included in these promises.

  • You may not remember when you became a Christian, but it's when you first heard and understood "the message of truth" - the gospel.

  • The only reason you can understand this good news is because you've been given the Holy Spirit (put another way, if you can understand the truth of the gospel, that's a sure sign you have the Holy Spirit and are included in His promises.

  • v15-23 - Paul's prayer for the Ephesians, and for you, is that you may know more and more: