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John 16 - Ominous Promise

On this frosty cold day, be warmed by some of the Bible's biggest promises.

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John 16 Summary

Over and over the Bible promises that God will never let those He's chosen for Himself slip away. We often refer to this doctrine as the perseverance of the saints. We certainly are preserved in grace by God's strength, but we are not just passive pawns in the process. Jesus told His disciples (and us) the things we're reading in these chapters so that you will not fall away (v1).

It's by reading and following God's Word that you persevere in your salvation.

We've seen over and over in the gospels where Jesus needed to speak figuratively and in parables during His ministry because people were filtering His words through all sorts of preconceived misperceptions about what they expected their Savior to be like. Now that the disciples are beginning to understand that Jesus came to die, He can speak more directly to them.