John 12 Reading Guide

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-8 - Jesus is heading back towards Jerusalem now, knowing there's a price on His head, and knowing that the cross awaits Him there. On the way He stops by His good friends, Mary, Martha & Lazarus (whom Jesus had just raised from the dead a few weeks earlier).

  • Mary, more emotional than her sensible older sister Martha, breaks open a jar of pure nard and pours it as an offering onto the only pure man, Jesus.

  • Judas makes a fuss about how much money was just 'wasted,' but John points out that Judas only cared about his own pockets, not helping the poor with that money.

  • Jesus, showing that He is God, accepts Mary's worship.

  • v9-19 - The crowd is back, but now they not only want to see the Miracle Man Jesus, but also the guy who's body had been rotting in the grave but was now alive.

  • When the crowd hears that Jesus was coming into Jerusalem, they organize an impromptu celebration to welcome the one they wanted to be their king.

  • They sang "Blessed is the king of Israel" while Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, as Israel's kings long ago had.

  • While they were correct that Jesus was a king, they thought His kingdom would be what rid them of the Romans, not one that would rid them of their sin.

  • Jesus and Lazarus go viral on the social medias of the day, further infuriating the establishment.

  • v20-36a - Even the Gentiles who had converted to Judaism want to see Jesus. Jesus is told about this, but never goes to see them.

  • Instead, He recognizes the time has come, and in a sense, using the divinely inspired John as a narrator, speaks directly to you:

  • If you love your life now, you'll lose it; if you cast aside this life, you'll keep it eternally.