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Chapter Summary

  • v1-23 - Once again the establishment (the Pharisees and law teachers) were "gathered around" Jesus, but they weren't there to learn.

  • They're looking for an excuse to eliminate Jesus, because He's stealing their popularity.

  • They flag the disciples for not ceremonially washing their hands before eating.

  • Jesus points out that this requirement was a man made tradition, not a command from God's Law.

  • Jesus goes on to point out other ways they "let go of the commands of God and hold on human traditions (v8)."

  • One of those abuses of tradition was the way people had been abusing the 'Corban' law (v11):

  • A family was required by God's Law to use their wealth to take care of their elderly parents, a practice which was expensive then just like it is now.

  • To shelter their wealth, a family would designate it as 'Corban,' meaning it was dedicated for God and couldn't be used for other purposes.

  • As soon as the elderly parents had died, they would rescind the Corban status and be able to use the money as they pleased.

  • Corban is just one example of the blatant hypocrisy of the establishment. Notice that when Jesus calls them out on this there's no response.

  • v24-30 - Jesus went on vacation, so to speak. He went up to Tyre, which is North of Israel (so this is Gentile country) right on the Mediterranean coast. He entered a house and wanted to be left alone. But to no avail, &