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1 Peter 3 - Live a 'So That' Life

Blessing is promised to those who submit themselves to righteousness.

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1 Peter 3 Summary

Peter has been writing about the need for submission in the Christian's life at work, to the government, and even at home. Wives are called to be subject to their husbands, not just because that corresponds to the created order as Paul argues, but so that unbelieving husbands might be won without a word by the conduct of their wives (v1).

Women are also commanded to adorn themselves internally, rather than with the external trappings of beauty. Dress and act in a way that impresses God more so than other people. Notice how Peter ties this concept right back to the subject of submission to husbands: doing so is how you demonstrate your hope in God, just as Sarah did so long ago (v5-6).

This chapter concludes with with a list of general imperatives for Christian living. As Peter implores us to unity, a focus on blessing others, turning away from evil and towards peace, gentleness & respect, and a willingness to endure suffering, you can hear echoes of Jesus' teaching in the Sermon on the Mount, which Peter obviously took to heart.