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1 Peter 5 - Be Aggressively Humble

God is sovereign in our salvation for sure, but to fully experience His grace you must take action.

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1 Peter 5 Summary

Peter addresses men called to serve as elders, which he describes as shepherds of God's flock which are under their care (v2). Peter gives three negative imperatives for how elders are to watch over the church:

NOT because they have to or just because it's their turn;

but because they're willing.

NOT doing it to dishonestly enrich themselves;

but because they're eager to serve.

NOT lording it over the church to get their own way;

but by being examples - servant leaders - to the church.

Serving as an elder is not without reward, however. When the Chief Shepherd appears they will receive a crown of glory that will never fade away (v4).

Not everyone can be the shepherd; the church is comprised mostly of sheep who need to submit to the shepherds. Being a submissive sheep does not in any keep you from winning the same sort of pri