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1 Samuel 10 - New Hearts Don't Hide

Does this chapter prove the saying 'once saved, always saved' is wrong?

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1 Samuel 10 Summary

RECAP: The Israelite's had rejected God by demanding a king so that they could be like the nations. Yesterday we met Saul, the man God chose to give the Israelites exactly what they wanted. Ironically, the man who was to shepherd Israel couldn't even find his own lost donkeys and seems to be a bumbling fool. But at least he look really good, because that's what the people really cared about.

As Samuel prepares Saul to be crowned as the first king of Israel, it seems like God is going to transform the wayward fool into a godly leader:

  • v9 - God gave him another heart;

  • v10 - the Spirit of God rushed upon him, and he prophesied among them;

But it doesn't take long to see that the change Saul experienced was fleeting. His uncle, who had heard about what happened since everyone was talking about it (v12), is eager to hear about what Samuel told him, but Saul says nothing about his changed heart or becoming king. All Saul mentions is that Samuel told him the donkeys had been found.

Then when the big moment comes for King Saul to be introduced to his subjects, the man who's outward appearance conveys bravery and leadership shows his true colors, cowering behind a pile of baggage.

Dig Deeper

This chapter presents some troubling theology for those of us who correctly understand the Bible to teach that God's elect can never lose their salvation. So how