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Acts 16 - Blocked & Opened

The Holy Spirit accomplishes amazing things when you align your life with Him.

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Acts 16 Summary

Paul is on his second missionary journey now, and along with Silas he takes on a new partner: a young Christian named Timothy. As they travel, some doors are opened to them while others remain closed. Ultimately they're led to Macedonia's flagship city of Philippi.

Once again, Paul's pattern is to find the place people are worshipping God, be it the local synagogue or in this case, a quiet spot by the river. This time, they meet a businesswoman named Lydia, who has her heart opened by the Lord to pay attention to what was said by Paul. Notice again the power of the preached Word when it's blessed by the Spirit.

Their next encounter doesn't go as smoothly, resulting in a savage beating and imprisonment. After another miraculous escape, the jailer is so overwhelmed that he and his entire family believe and are baptized.

After informing their former captors that Paul & Silas are actually Roman citizens, they're gently led out of town by officials who could get into serious trouble for what they inflicted on them.

Dig Deeper

Paul & Silas get roadblocked twice by the Holy Spirit in this journey before they're sent to Macedonia after having a vision. Certainly this vision was a supernatural occurrence, but Luke doesn't record how it was that the Spirit twice re-routed the team. Perhaps it was in a supernatural way that they heard the voice of God, but it doesn't necessarily have to have been so.

As you are fed and equipped regularly by God's Word, you can pick up on intuitions, situations and even feelings that others can't. This is why it's especially important for you to pray often that you're life is aligned with God's will.

God likely won't communicate with you supernaturally (there's no need to when you have His complete Word!), but you can expect solid direction from Him when you do the solid work of aligning yourself with Him through study and prayer.

AAA Prayer:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: Our Father is the 'Most High God' (v17 - isn't it amazing to be quoting a demon as you open your prayer!)

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Pray that the Spirit will open your heart, as He did with Lydia and the jailer, so that you will be confidently led by His Word in a way aligned with God's will.




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