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Acts 26 - So True It's Crazy

Don't just believe in Christianity because of how it makes you feel, but believe because it's true.

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Acts 26 Summary

Paul is testifying before the pompously eccentric King Agrippa & his sister/wife Bernice. Paul's already appealed his case to Caesar, meaning he will be shipped to Rome, but Agrippa has asked to hear Paul speak.

Notice how Paul's gospel presentation never wavers no matter who he's talking to, but the way he presents it does. In this case, he appeals to the familiarity Agrippa had with Jewish people (compared for example to how he preached to the philosophers in Athens).

Governor Festus isn't buying any of Paul's message, calling him insane (v24), but Paul simply points out that the Gospel is reasonable and logical, and turns his attention back to King Agrippa. Both Festus and Agrippa agree that Paul should not be charged with any crimes, but yet send him on to Rome to face Caesar anyway.

Dig Deeper

All through the ages one of the biggest hangups people have with Christianity is believing all of the miracles written about in the Bible: everything from the great flood, to the Red Sea opening up, the sun standing still, fire coming from heaven, a baby born to a virgin, water into wine, and more.

The biggest miracle, and the most difficult to believe, is that Jesus rose from the dead. But as Paul says in v8,

why should we consider it unbelievable that God raises the dead?

God spoke the universe into being; the smarter we get as people, the more evidence we find pointing to a massive creation event. If God did that, why could He not raise His Son from the dead?

AAA Prayer:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: Our hope is in the promise made by the God of our Fathers (v6)

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Pray that God will continue to help you understand how true and reasonable the Gospel is, so that you might be able to share it effectively (v25)




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