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Colossians 4 - Pray with your eyes open

Salty language isn't just for sailors; the Bible commands your speech to be salty too!

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Colossians 4 Summary

Chapter four continues on with the list of the conditions that you are obligated to adhere to if (since) you've been raised with Christ (3:1). Chapter four adds two more to the list:

  • Continue steadfastly (literally: be full of might and power towards) in prayer.

    • Even though physically your head may be bowed and your eyes closed, remain ever watchful as you pray.

  • Make the most of every chance you have with outsiders,

    • literally walking alongside them in life.

    • Paul writes that your conversations should be seasoned with salt. I like how John Piper explains what this means: "what we say about Christ and about the Christian life should be made as appetizing as possible."

Dig Deeper

Our primary posture during prayer is often sitting down, head bowed, hands folded and eyes closed. Certainly there are benefits to all of those aspects, but v2 calls us to a different sort of prayer posture.

Being 'devoted' means to focus all of your strength towards God; Being 'watchful' means staying alert to both the needs of the world around us, and the way that God is active in it; of course being 'thankful' means that we respond back to God for the things He's done.

The kind of prayer v2 calls you to is not something that can be done in just a few minutes at the beginning or end of each day or before a meal, rather it's a way of living in harmony and continual communication with God as you go through your daily activities.

It's only when you're using all of your strength (both spiritually and physically) that you'll notice that God has 'opened the door for your message.'

AAA Prayer:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: God sovereignly controls all things and opens the door in preparation for the gospel message (v9)

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Ask God to help you devote yourself to prayer, being watchful and thankful (v2)




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