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Ecclesiastes 5 - Finally, something good!

Find out what's good and lasting in this meaningless life under the sun.

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Ecclesiastes 5 Summary

The Preacher gives several bits of advice in chapter five.

First, go into the House of the Lord carefully and with humble fear. Notice how you are to come in:

  • draw near to listen (v1)

  • be not rash with your mouth, nor let your heart be hasty to utter a word (v2)

  • Let your words be few (v2)

  • When you vow a vow to God, do not delay paying it (v4)

  • Let not your mouth lead you into sin (v6)

  • God is the one you must fear (v7)

Second, don't be too shocked by corruption in government. It's always been there and likely always will be until Christ returns.

Third, those who love money (v10) will never be satisfied by it. In fact, people who make material things the object of their pursuit will ultimately let go of it at the end of their lives, and will be plagued with worry about it all of their days. On the other hand, the one who works hard for whatever he has will sleep soundly.

Dig Deeper

There are two things which should jump out at you in this chapter. So far everything that the Preacher has examined has been found to be hevel, that is, a meaningless, vain, breath of vapor that comes and goes.

But in chapter five, two things are found to have lasting value. First is a regular habit of going into the house of the Lord. You certainly need to do so carefully, but since being in God's presence is the one thing the wise Preacher doesn't describe as being meaningless, make sure you do so often.

Secondly, burn v18 into your psyche:

Behold, what I have seen to be good and fitting is to eat and drink and find enjoyment in all the toil with which one toils under the sun the few days of his life that God has given him, for this is his lot.

Yes, we live in a broken world full of misery caused by our sin which has infected everything under the sun, but yet it is the gift of God (v19) that it is still possible for you to find enjoyment in the truly good things that God has given you.

AAA Prayer:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: Our eternal Father who gives wealth and possessions, and the power to enjoy them (v19)

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Thank God that you can come into His house to silently listen to Him.




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