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Ephesians 3 - Grace is hard work

Grace is certainly the free gift of God, but He calls us to the hard work of reading and understanding it.

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Ephesians 3 Summary

Chapter three really depends on the image that was developed at the end of chapter two: the fellow citizens and members of the household of God... who are being built together into a dwelling place for God the Spirit (2:19-22).

This is what's happening when you read and dig into God's Word (v4). More and more you begin to understand the gospel as you grow in the unsearchable riches of Christ (v8).

In other words, reading the Bible is far different than reading ordinary books or articles. It's through the words of scripture you read (v4) and hear preached (v10) that you are given insight into the mysteries of Christ, things which haven't been made known to everyone!

But reading God's Word can be hard and frustrating, especially chapters like this one. Paul's sentences are massive and complex, and tough to follow along with.

Certainly tools like our outlined format and audio versions can help, but keep pushing yourself to do the hard work that it takes to understand what's been written.

Dig Deeper

Once again, Paul follows his familiar pattern of finishing a hard to understand passage with a beautiful doxology in v20-21:

Now to him

who is abl