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John 10 - The Canceled Shepherd

Some of Jesus' most comforting words almost caused a riot. How will you respond?

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John 10 Summary

It's important that you read Jesus' words here in chapter 10 with the right inflection. Jesus is not speaking here with a cute toddler bouncing on His knee and butterflies flitting about the blue sky above as they pat a fluffy little lamb on its head.

This is a continuation of the conversation - argument - that began with the Pharisees after Jesus healed the blind man on the Sabbath in chapter nine. These words were not necessarily spoken in anger, but certainly with a focused intensity as Jesus likely leaned forward and looked these Pharisees right in the eye while speaking.

The first time Jesus accuses the Pharisees of being false shepherds of God's people (v1-5), it sails right over their heads (v6). So He launches into a longer version in v7-18, but then He doesn't stick around for follow up questions.

His opponents track Him down walking in the temple courtyard (v23), and then Jesus picks up right where He left off.

Jesus makes several massive theological claims in John 10:

  • The Shepherd's (Jesus') sheep (people) know His voice and follow Him (v3-4)

  • Jesus came that His sheep may have life, and have it abundantly (v10)

  • Jesus has more sheep than just the people of Israel (v16)

  • Jesus lays down His life for the sheep (v18)

  • Not all sheep belong to Jesus (v26)

  • Jesus gives His sheep eternal life (v28)

  • Last, but certainly not least Jesus twice makes this stunning claim: I AND THE FATHER ARE ONE (v30, 38)

Jesus' opponents knew exactly what He claimed in this exchange, as evidenced by their picking up stones to execute Him on the spot for blasphemy (v31, 33).

Dig Deeper

These words likely seem endearing and comforting to you, because you recognize the voice of your Shepherd in them. Praise God for this, and pray that you will continue to follow Him no matter how hostile the crowd around you becomes.

AAA Prayer :

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: Our Father in heaven, who sent His Son to be our Shepherd;

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Pray that you will clearly hear and respond to the Good Shepherd's voice.




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