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John 13 - And it was night...

The simplest statements are often the most profound.

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John 13 Summary

If you have a 'red letter' edition of the Bible, you'll notice that the next five chapters are mostly in red ink, illustrating that Jesus is doing lots of talking. Nearly a quarter of John's gospel takes place on the last night before Jesus is arrested, and these chapters give us tremendous insight into Jesus' teaching.

It's good for us to be reading these chapters focused on Jesus' final words during the Christmas season, as they help us put the Christmas story into perspective, just as the Christmas story helps us understand these final teachings.

Jesus tells His disciples that He set an example by washing their feet, and that they (we) should follow that example (v15). While there may be times where a ceremonial foot washing may be appropriate, it's not exactly what Jesus has in mind here.

The washing of feet doesn't have anywhere close to the same meaning in our culture that it did in two millennia ago in Palestine. Rather, Jesus is commanding us to live selflessly by serving others. What's amazing is that as you deny yourself by 'knowing [and doing] these things, you will be blessed (v17).'

Dig Deeper

We've commented several times how John has a very unique writing style. Whereas Paul is very logical and linear, John is often more emotive and will say the same thing over in multiple ways. This is not to be critical of John, just to notice and marvel at how the Spirit spoke through so many different types of personalities.

Yet John has an incredible way of making massively deep and profound statements using really simple words and sentences. John describes the fallen, sinful condition of mankind at its worst moment by simply writing:

and it was night. (v30)

Take a moment and reflect on how much John has used the motif of darkness / light throughout his gospel. What parts of your life are you comfortably walking in the light, and what parts are shrouded in darkness?

AAA Prayer :

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: Our Father who is glorified in His Son

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Pray that you will live selflessly for others as Christ taught (v14-15)




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