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Psalm 2 - The Overcoming King

The world is raging against God, but you can find shalom by taking refuge in the true King.

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Psalm 2 Summary

Psalm 1 & 2 form a table of contents for the rest of the Psalms. Yesterday we saw how a blessed man is one who follows God's law. In chapter two, we get a picture of how God easily overcomes the continual plotting of this world as people conspire against Him.

Remember, psalms are songs, and this particular psalm was written to be sung at coronations. It has four stanzas:

  1. The never ending rebellion of the rulers of this world;

  2. God's laughter at these mighty kings, and the announcement of His own King. Notice how quickly God's laughter and scoffing turn into rebuke and wrath in v4. Literally translated, God throws His Word at the rebels of the world.

  3. The Davidic kings of Israel point to the greater King who would come;

  4. A warning of wrath for those who continue to rebel, but all who take refuge in the coming King will be blessed (v12)

Dig Deeper

All people from every age and place have one thing in common: sin has created a powerful urge for us to want to "break off the chains and throw off the shackles" that God's law seems to put on us (v3). All people want freedom from their creator.

The primary purpose of the book of Psalm is twofold: First, to remind our sinful consciences that our quest for freedom will end in our destruction, whereas true happiness comes to those who delight in the law (Word) of the Lord (1:2).

Secondly, this poetry presents us with the gospel: even though our hearts yearn to break free from God's law, you can take refuge in Him - that is, you can find shalom in the righteous King who has come to save you (v12).

In setting the stage for the rest of the Psalter, the first verse of chapter one and the last verse of chapter two describe how to find true happiness:

Blessed are:

those who delight in God's Word (chapter 1)

those who take refuge in the King (chapter 2)

AAA Prayer:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: God our Father has installed His King;

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Pray that you will take refuge in the King - literally that you will fully obey Him.




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