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January 3 - Mark 5

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Dig Deeper:

  • What does it mean to 'dig deeper?' This is a phrase you'll read often in the 5x5 plan. Click here for 15 different suggestions for digging deeper into the chapters we read. For chapter 5, use suggestion #10: Memorize Mark 5:36 (at least the caption in the picture above). Repeat it often throughout the day and week.

  • MESSIANIC SECRET: After performing the incredible miracle of raising the little girl from the dead, Jesus 'gave strict orders' to keep it a secret (v43). But at the same time, He tells the man set free from demons to spread the word about Him (v19-20). What's the difference? Notice where the two different parties are from: the raised girl's family was Jewish, while the demon possessed man was a gentile. Why do you think Jesus treats them differently at this point?

  • CROWD WATCH: The crowd is getting so big that people are pressing in on Jesus everywhere He goes.

  • PRETTY COOL FACT: The crazy-strong demon possessed man could break chains and nobody could contain him, yet he immediately falls on his knees in front of Jesus and recognizes who He really is (v6-7)!

Prayer Tips:

  • Pray that your faith is as strong as the woman who touched Jesus in the crowd.

  • Give thanks that your Savior could free the strong man from demons, heal persistent diseases, and raise a little girl to new life.


Sermon Reflections

Genesis 8:20 - 9:17

Covenant Resolutions

God saved you for a purpose, so fulfill God's purpose in the New Year / Decade

Wednesday - Salvation is rooted in God's gracious, providential and covenantal character

Thursday - Resolutions 1 & 2 - Don't consume lifeblood (??), Protect & defend life.

Friday - Resolution 3 - Fulfill God's creation mandate.


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