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Chapter 12

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

CHAPTER 12 - Loving Each Other

You can read along on pages 147-152

  • What this means for the pastor and church leader, however, is that we need to be deliberately cultivating a culture of Christian love and concern in order that the local church would be known as a genuine, distinctively Christian community in the surrounding neighborhood. (Pg 147)

  • The first aspect of any local church community is that it is covenantal. That is, it is a community of believers who have become part of the new covenant in Christ’s blood and, as a result, have covenanted together to help each other run the Christian race with integrity, godliness, and grace. (Pg 148)

  • In cultivating a culture of mutual love, we want to make sure we encourage people to place a high priority on the corporate life of the congregation, not simply on their own individual walks with the Lord. (Pg 149)

  • This is the reason that depending on a program for evangelistic effectiveness is a little like outsourcing the main responsibility of the church. Evangelism programs are not necessarily or categorically bad. Some are quite good. But I fear we sometimes depend on them so much that we forget that the church itself is God’s evangelism program. (Pg 151)

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