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Chapter 9

CHAPTER 9 - Evangelistic Exposition

You can read along on pages 119-128

  • It is the content of the sermon that determines its character. Is the gospel clear and central? Then, and then alone, is the sermon truly evangelistic. Better, is the gospel presented as arising demonstrably from the words, themes, characters, and images of the text being preached? Then it’s evangelistic exposition. Better still, is the gospel pressed home to the heart with urgency, charity, clarity, and sincerity, for the salvation of sinners and the strengthening of saints? Then it’s evangelistic expositional preaching. (Pg 121)

  • Some of our members can live for years in the soundest of churches unconcerned about their sins and unconverted in their souls. This reality would be reason enough for evangelistic exposition (Pg 122).

  • As an organic part of the sermon itself, the preacher calls sinners to confess their sins, repent of them, submit to the kingship of Christ Jesus, and trust in his death and resurrection for forgiveness and salvation. “Sinner, repent and believe.” (Pg 128)


  • What can you do as an elder to help ensure our sermons and services are evangelistic?



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