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How Are You Saved

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

God has ELECTED and CHOSE to save you.

He sent His DIVINE son

  • to become INCARNATE: truly God and truly man

  • in order to ATONE for my sins

  • and fulfill the promises of IMMANUEL in the Old Testament.


  • perfect SACRIFICE

  • you have been JUSTIFIED in God’s eyes.

  • It is only because -- the RIGHTEOUSNESS of one who is sinless has been IMPUTED to me -- that I can enjoy the COMMUNION with God that He created me for.

All I need to do to be saved is have FAITH in Christ, and this is kindled in my heart by the HOLY SPIRIT.

I can go with confidence to the throne of GRACE through Christ who is my INTERCESSOR.

DISCUSSION QUESTION #1: What does Christ's perfect obedience have to do with your personal salvation?
DISCUSSION QUESTION #2: A common phrase we use often is Soli Deo Gloria = Glory to God Alone. In looking at how you are saved, why is this such a good motto?

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