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Matthew 26

Dig Deeper:

LONGEST CHAPTERS FOR THE LONGEST DAYS: Chapters 26 and 27 are two of the longest chapters in the New Testament. I don't know why those who enumerated the Bible with chapters and verses made this decision, but it's certainly reflective of how long these days must have felt. It works out well that we're hitting these chapters coming into a weekend: perhaps you can spread the reading out so that you can soak it all in.

KEEP YOUR EYE ON PETER AND JUDAS: Of course Jesus is the primary actor here, since these chapters tell of the most significant thing that has ever been done. But there is also some massive character development that occurs with Peter & Judas here as well.

  • JUDAS: Something clicks in his head in v6-8 when the expensive perfume is poured out; he realizes the value that people place on Jesus, and he wants a piece of it. He cashes in on the value the chief priests have given to Jesus. I think v25 is a fascinating quote. Try reading it with several different inflections: sarcasm, shock & surprise, hatred & spite, or with no emotion at all, and see how its meaning changes slightly. How do you think Judas said this? When the time for the actual betrayal comes in the garden, the exchange between Jesus and Judas sounds like two old friends who haven't seen each other in years. What does this say about each of them? We'll see the end of Judas' spiral in chapter 27.

  • PETER: In typical Peter fashion, he boldly declares that he will fight to the death to defend Jesus (v35). Five verses later he's zonked out after Jesus told him to 'keep watch.' The next time we hear from Peter he's just cut the ear off of the high priest's servant. Think of how wildly one must swing a sword in order to cut an ear off! Chapter 26 ends with Peter at the lowest point possible, after fulfilling Jesus' prediction that he will deny Jesus three times. Contrast the actions of Judas, Peter and Jesus in this chapter.

IN CONTROL: Jesus puts a quick end to Peter's swordplay by stating there were over 12 legions of angels who would protect Him if He asked, but He was committed to fulfilling scripture so that you and I could have new life. Jesus remained in control throughout this entire awful process.

THE SON OF MAN & ANCIENT OF DAYS: Jesus references the passage from Daniel 7 we just learned about this past Sunday evening in v64. This claim is why He was killed.

AAA Prayer Tips:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: Our Father, the Mighty One & Ancient of Days (v39, 42, 64)

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Yet not as we will, but as you will. May your will be done (v39 & 42).




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