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Mark 8 - Are you hungry?

Jesus asks you: 'who do you say I am?' Your answer is found in what you're hungering for.

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Mark 8 Summary

  • v1-9 - Once again, Jesus feeds a giant crowd with next to nothing and has more left over than what He started with.

  • v10-13 - Jesus visits a remote town, only to be met by the establishment who only want to argue with Him. Instead, Jesus immediately leaves.

  • v14-21 - In the boat yet again, Jesus teaches a lesson using yeast as a metaphor, but all the disciples can think about is food.

  • v22-26 - Jesus heals a blind man. Unlike other healings, the man's blindness is not cured instantly. This can be a metaphor for some people who move in very slow stages to accept the gospel. John Calvin comments here, "And so the grace of Christ, which had formerly been poured out suddenly on others, flowed by drops, as it were, on this man.”

  • v27-38 - This discussion between Jesus & the disciples as to His identity is perhaps the most important passage in Mark's gospel. It's literally right in the middle, and you will notice the tone of the