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Revelation 12 - Disappointed Dragon

It's often when things look hopeless to us that God's power appears the greatest.

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Revelation 12 Summary

So far the first half of the Apocalypse (Revelation) has been about the conflict between the Church and the world. The first of the seven perspectives of Christ's victory showed His concern for the Church in the letters He wrote to us. In the next perspective, we saw how the slain Lamb was the only one worthy to open the sealed scroll containing God's plan of salvation. The third perspective showed seven trumpets sounded to warn all people of God's coming judgment. All of these perspectives, which tell of the same events, ended with Christ sitting down on the throne in victory.

As the second half of Revelation begins here in chapter 12, the language & symbolism gets more and more fantastic and hard to even imagine. As the complications and details add up, it is critically important for you to keep the overall theme of Revelation in mind: The Victory of the Christ & His Church over the Dragon & his Helpers.