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Spiritual Disciplines

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Training yourself to be Godly

1) Bible Intake

  • Hear the Word

  • Read God’s Word

  • Study God’s Word -- Memorize -- Meditate -- 5x5 Bible Reading Plan

2) Prayer

  • Constant - Every activity

  • Short -- Don’t pray very much -- Just pray all the time

  • AAA Pattern -- Acknowledge who God is -- Align your life with God’s will -- Ask for what you need & want

  • 5x5 Bible Reading Plan

3) Worship

  • Sunday Corporate Worship

  • Private Worship

  • Daily Activity Worship

4) Evangelism

  • First three: build you up so you can serve Christ

  • Evangelism = Making the Good News Known -- By being ‘hands & feet’ of Christ -- By clearly communicating who Christ is & what He has done

5) Serving

  • Serving neighbors

  • Serving the Church with your Spiritual Gift

  • Spiritual gift catalog:

6) Stewardship

  • Recognizes all things belong to God

  • Stewardship = determining how much of God’s stuff you will keep for yourself & how much you’ll re-invest in His kingdom

  • Money

  • Time & effort

7) Silence & Solitude

  • peeling off the distractions

  • lots of opportunities

8) Fasting

  • Bible does not command it

  • but it certainly recommends it

  • Fasting must have a specific purpose & must be done in secret

9) Lifelong learning

  • No graduation -- Renew Your Mind → Know God’s Will

  • Brings us right back to the beginning

DISCUSSION QUESTION #1: Which of these disciplines comes the easiest for you, and which is the hardest?
DISCUSSION QUESTION #2: Which discipline would you like to improve in the most?

Use the comment box at the bottom of the page to answer or contact Pastor Chad to discuss.


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