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Be Strong & Courageous - Tips for DIGGING DEEPER into God's Word

It's a cold January Sunday morning, and even though we can not meet together this Lord's Day, we can still learn from God's Word together today.

This year, we are concentrating on our Spiritual Disciplines - activities Christians are commanded to do in order to develop Godly attitudes. The foundation to our Spiritual Disciplines is daily Bible reading. We've been working hard to develop a daily reading habit by participating in the 5x5 Bible Reading Plan, but often it can seem like what we read disappears from our memory within minutes of closing the Bible.

This morning, we're going to look at Joshua 1:1-9 (I encourage you to open your Bible and follow along), and we're going to see not just that God enables you to be strong & courageous by reading His Words, but also learn some very practical steps we can follow to really dig deeper into the Bible and profit from what we read each day for years to come.



The Faithlife Study Bible is an excellent free resource to use to aid your 5x5 Bible reading. This short video explains its features:

The Bible Project is one of the greatest Christian resources on the internet. They have outstanding 8 minute intro videos for each book of the Bible, and you can learn about all sorts of biblical words and concepts with their short animated videos. Check it out:

Book recommendation: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney. Here are 15 suggestions for Digging Deeper taken from this book.

Memorize Now memorization tool -


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