1 Thessalonians 2 Reading Guide

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Chapter Overview:

  • v1-12 - Christianity is not like a product that needs to be sold by a fast talking salesman, or a political platform that needs to be propped up by duplicitous politicians with ulterior motives. In v4, Paul describes the authority of men called to preach God's Word:

On the contrary, we speak as those

approved by God

to be entrusted with the gospel.

We are not trying

to please people

but God, who tests our hearts.

  • v13-20 - The preached gospel produces life changing results. This made the Thessalonians look far different than their neighbors, which wasn't always welcome.

Dig Deeper:

The Bible is not just another set of ideas floating out there that's on the same level as any other book on the shelf. The reason we participate in daily Bible reading is because this book is so different. It's powerful and authoritative, as is made clear in v13-14


you received the Word of God,

which you heard from us,

you accepted it

not as a human word,