2 Corinthians 1 Reading Guide

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-2 - The letter opens with a very customary greeting from Paul.

  • v3-7 - Like other letter, Paul begins with doxology - words of glory to God. Here it picks to significant attributes of God to focus upon:

  • God is the Father of compassion

  • and the God of all comfort.

  • We are to model this compassion to others,

  • and it's in sharing in Christ's sufferings that we experience God's comfort.

  • v8-11 - Paul writes briefly on some of the troubles he's suffered through.

  • But it becomes clear that he's not complaining.

  • He writes these bad things have happened so that they would learn to become less reliant upon themselves and more.

  • v12-20 - The Bible contains thousands of God's promises (anywhere between 4,000 - 9,000 depending on who's counting system gets used).

  • But all of those promises get answered with one Word: CHRIST (v20).

  • Even promises God has made, for example, to make all things new again, that have not yet materialized still can be considered fulfilled. Remember, God exists outside of time & space, so things which are in the future for us are experienced in an eternal present for Him.

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