2 Thessalonians 3 Reading Guide

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Chapter Overview:

  • v1-5 - Paul requests that people pray for the following things:

  • That the Word of the Lord will spread rapidly;

  • That Paul and the other missionaries will be delivered from wicked people;

  • That God will direct the hearts of Christians into God's love.

  • v6-15 - As an apostle, Paul had the authority to command the Thessalonians. These commands remain normative for us today as well:

  • Keep away from people who claim to be Christians but who live blatantly hypocritical lives;

  • Work hard and earn your keep;

  • Mind your own business and never tire of doing what is good.

  • v16-18 - The letter ends with another beautiful benediction (words of blessing).

Dig Deeper:

How do you think most people would finish this sentence:

God is the God of _________

There are certainly lots of good answers: other Bible passages list God as the God of 'heaven and earth,' 'Israel,' 'hope,' 'glory,' 'grace,'