Ephesians 5 Reading Guide

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-2 - A very literal translation of this opening verse accurately describes the Christian life, setting the tone for the rest of the chapter: "Become an imitator (literally a mimic) of God, since you're His beloved child." You don't need to wonder what this sort of lifestyle looks like, since Christ modeled it perfectly. He did this by:

  • loving the church,

  • and giving Himself up for the church.

  • v3-14 - There should not be the slightest instance of garbage in your life. This certainly means not doing immoral, impure or greedy things, but also ridding your life of these types of influences, like TV shows, movies and music which promote ungodly living (even subtly).

  • Replace this garbage with thanksgiving.

  • You can be certain that anyone who is filled with garbage will not share in the blessings of the Kingdom.

  • Therefore, don't get tangled up with these kinds of people who stumble around in the darkness, because you're a child of the light.

  • v15-33 - Since you are a child of the light, carefully watch the way you live. Here's how:

  • Be wise;

  • Be filled with the Spirit instead of imitators. An awesome way to do this is by singing often (watch the 30 Second 'Splainer video for more insight as to why we sing).

  • Live in submission:

  • Wives submitting to husbands in the same way that the church submits to Christ. What are some of the ways the church submits itself, and how do these ways provide an excellent model for marriage?

  • For example, the church submits by setting aside one day in seven for worship, but yet Christ gives freedom to the church to express that worship in ways that reflect the local cultures. The church submits financially, but yet is given the freedom to make its own financial decisions (what ministries to support, etc).

  • What are some other examples of how submission and freedom are intertwined within the church? How do these examples relate to marriage?

  • Husbands must love their wives as Christ loves the church.