John 7

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-13 - Jesus is laying low because the establishment's out to kill Him.

  • It's hard to discern whether his brothers are mocking him when the advise him to go into Jerusalem anyways or if they were offering sincere, albeit misguided, advice.

  • Either way, John reports that not even Jesus' brothers believed Him. This comes right on the heels of many followers of Jesus abandoning Him in chapter six, so this must have been a depressing time for Jesus.

  • Jesus goes to the festival anyways, but He goes incognito. John reports that everyone in the city was talking about Jesus.

  • v14-31 - Jesus couldn't help Himself. Even though the establishment was out to kill Him, He begins teaching in the temple court.

  • The dynamic is different now. At the beginning of His ministry, Jesus spoke to receptive crowds and about things like the Beatitudes, but now the crowd is standoffish and hostile.

  • The desperation and frustration is evident in the way John records Jesus' speech: He "cried out... (v28)."

  • Finally Jesus crosses the establishment's line.

  • They had been upset with His healing people on the sabbath (v23-24).

  • Now Jesus accuses them of not knowing the Father, and claims that He was sent to them directly by the Father.

  • v32-52 - The establishment has had enough. They send the temple brute squad out to haul Jesus in.

  • The whole city is 'whispering' about Jesus. Nobody's quite sure if He's the messiah they've been waiting for or just a prophet sent ahead.