John 9

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-12 - Jesus and His disciples happen upon a blind beggar.

  • We have a natural inclination to assume that bad things like blindness are the result of some specific sin. Both the disciples (v2) and the establishment (v34) come to that conclusion.

  • Jesus sets that assumption aside, remind us that it's a fool's errand to determine why bad things happen.

  • Instead we must remember that all things happen so that God's glory can be displayed.

  • Most of the time it's difficult for us to see how God is being glorified, but in this particular incident, the man's blindness results in Jesus' ability to glorify God by healing the man.

  • Blindness is one of the most common afflictions that Jesus heals. What a metaphor!

  • Jesus heals the man, but even so people were skeptical that it was the same man, or that he was even blind in the first place.

  • v13-34- The clown show arrives in the form of the establishment Pharisees.

  • John accentuates their spiritual blindness in that they can't even see the truth Jesus represents even as they speak to a man who had just been cured by Jesus.

  • Once again, the establishment is upset that Jesus infringed one of their man made Sabbath restrictions by spitting on the ground and making mud.

  • They don't believe the healed man, so they interrogate his parents, who corroborate the fact the man had been blind his whole life.

  • Still not satisfied, they haul the healed man back in.

  • This time the man turns the tables and begins