John 10

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-18 - As this chapter begins, notice that it's a continuation of the argument Jesus and the establishment were engaged in. Jesus had just accused them of being blind, so this wasn't a friendly conversation.

  • Jesus use 'the sheep gate' as an illustration in two different ways:

  • The first time, He's talking about the common holding pen located in town.

  • Everybody would keep their sheep in this common area, and the gatekeeper would make sure that the right sheep went with the right shepherd.

  • Jesus is accusing the establishment of having snuck into the pen attempting to steal God's sheep. Jesus' accusation sails over their heads, though, so He changes the analogy.

  • The second time, in v7, Jesus says that "I AM the gate."

  • This time He's talking about temporary pens shepherds would construct out in the hills to safely gather the flock in at night.

  • The shepherd himself would form the gate to these makeshift folds. He would keep the sheep safely in and the predators out.

  • Jesus keeps building on the sheep/shepherd image, changing it up a bit now to portray Himself as the shepherd. As He did with the gate analogy, Jesus calls Himself the Good Shepherd twice:

  • Jesus is:

  • the protector of His sheep, who lays down His life for them;

  • the leader of His sheep, and His sheep listen to His voice.

  • He makes it clear that He's in control: