John 18 Reading Guide

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-11 - Isn't it beautifully ironic how Judas knew where to find Jesus? John writes, "Judas knew the place because Jesus had often met there with His disciples (v2)."

  • Jesus' habit of pulling Himself and the disciples away from the crowds for times of silence & prayer was so strong, Judas could literally bank on it.

  • The ambush didn't surprise Jesus at all.

  • Jesus gives His final I AM statement here.

  • I AM is the name that God Almighty gave to Himself when He spoke to Moses from the burning bush.

  • There's power in this name, because immediately after Jesus says it, the entire brute squad sent to drag Him in fell down.

  • Peter, in a feeble attempt to defend the great I AM, pulls out a dagger and cuts a guy's ear off.

  • Jesus puts an end to the violence and accepts the cup the Father has placed before Him.

  • v12-18 - Jesus is hauled off to the father-in-law of the high priest.

  • Peter and John are the only two disciples who don't instantly flee.

  • Peter has to wait outside in the cold, and as Jesus predicted, Peter begins to deny Him.

  • v19-24 - The kangaroo court begins to question Jesus, but whatever integrity it had collapses right away when a member of the establishment slaps Jesus for answering.

  • v25-27 - John cuts back to the scene in the courtyard, where Peter denies Jesus two more times. John, in his profoundly simple writing style, acknowledges that "at that moment, the rooster began to crow (v27)."

  • v28-40 - Finally, Jesus is hauled before the Roman governor Pilate. The Jewish establishment wanted to execute Jesus, but in yet one more twist of irony, the people of God needed Roman permission to execute the Son of God.

  • Pilate asks Jesus one of the most profound questions ever asked in v38:

What is truth?</