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Chapter Summary

  • v1-4 - Introduction and reason for writing:

  • to urge his readers to "contend [literally: fight] for the faith (v3)."

  • They needed to do this because the church was being infiltrated by "ungodly people, who:

  • pervert the grace of our God into a license for immorality

  • and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord (v4)."

  • We need to pay close attention to this short letter, because immorality is being defended by more and more 'Christians' at all levels of our society, including in our denomination.

  • v5-19 - Jude references lots of examples of how people throughout history have abandoned God's set order and morality "gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion."

  • In the midst of this list of those who've turned their backs upon God, Jude mentions a strange incident between the Archangel Michael and the devil, which is recorded in an extra-biblical book Jewish people were very familiar with.

  • We may not resonate with the story Jude refers to here, but we do need to learn the lesson it teaches:

  • As we confront evil and immorality in our world, it's so tempting to attack and insult the proponents of it. Don't fall into that trap.

  • Michael is confronting the devil himself, and if there's ever an excuse to condemn someone for slanderous lying, this would be it.

  • But Michael doesn't do that. Rather he stands for the truth, but lets God