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Luke 14 Reading Guide

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Passage: Luke 14

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-24 - Once again, Jesus finds Himself the guest of a Pharisee on the Sabbath. But right off the bat, it's clear that this isn't just a social call or time of fellowship: "He was being carefully watched (v1)." Jesus was busy during this dinner:

    • v3 - It seems Jesus was set up, because it just so happens a man who needed healing was sitting near Him. Once again, the Pharisees are hoping to entrap Jesus breaking one of their many extra-biblical Sabbath rules, yet once again Jesus logically outwits them.

    • v8-11 - Jesus mentions the awkwardness of being told to move if somebody better than you shows up, so it's better to live humbly and let others build you up than to think you're better than what you are.

    • v12-14 - So many of the 'favors' we do, or even the charity we give has strings attached; we expect something in return. Jesus teaches here not that we shouldn't expect to be repaid for things, but to do things that will result in being repaid at the resurrection rather than right now.

    • v15-24 - This parable is a picture of God calling all people into His kingdom, only to be met with excuses. Rather than be pushed around by people who think they're too good for Him, God goes out to bring anyone and everyone He finds. What excuses are you giving to God for not fully responding to His call? How long do you think He will patiently wait?

  • v25-35 - This passage helps you count the cost of being a disciple.

    • v25-26 - You must not put even your family ahead of being Jesus' disciple. For an explanation of why it says you must 'hate' your family, see last year's DIG DEEPER post.

    • v28-32 - Jesus gives two examples where it makes sense to plan ahead to see if you have the wherewithal to finish what you've started.

    • Both of the above examples that Jesus uses are summarized in v27 & v33. It helps to read these two sentences in one paragraph:

Whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple. In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciple.

Old Testament Reference -

  • Proverbs 25:6-7 show how aligned His teachings were with the Old Testament.


Use the comment box below to discuss one or more of these questions.

  1. EYE FOR DETAIL—From what you recall seeing in this chapter, try answering the following question without looking at your Bible: When Jesus asked the Pharisees and teachers of the law whether it was lawful to heal on the Sabbath or not, how did they answer? (v3–4)

  2. How would you summarize in one sentence what it means to follow Jesus?

Question 1 taken from The Complete Bible Discussion Guide: New Testament

Follow the AAA Prayer Pattern:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: A King who is preparing a great banquet (v16)

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: He who has ears, let them hear [and follow] God's Word (v35)



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