Mark 8 Reading Guide

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-9 - Once again a crowd of thousands have come out to the middle of nowhere to see Jesus.

  • They had already been out there for three days with nothing to eat (you think my sermons are long???)

  • This is now the second time Jesus has a hungry crowd, and even after seeing Jesus feed a larger crowd a few weeks before, the disciples still can't think of how they'll get enough bread to feed them.

  • Once again, Jesus miraculously feeds the crowd.

  • v10-13 - Jesus gets back in the boat and goes back to the Jewish side of the lake. You've probably not heard of the town they went to: Dalmanutha. Today nobody even knows where it was.

  • He arrives there to find Pharisees who immediately begin to test Him, asking Him "for a sign from heaven (v11)." The fact that they were asking for a sign above and beyond all of the miracles He's already performed shows the total lack of faith the establishment had.

  • Jesus immediately got back in the boat and left, and Dalmanutha was relegated to the dust bin of history.

  • v14-21 - Back in the boat and crossing back over the lake again, Jesus uses yeast as a metaphor for sin.

  • In one of the funniest lines in the Bible, the disciples totally miss the point and think they're being criticized for not bringing any bread along on the trip. All these guys can think about is food.

  • Jesus is exasperated with them. He has to remind them that they've just seen Him feed over 9,000 people in two different settings with a couple of loaves.